Country Carbon adheres to a Code of Practice and Ethics.

  • Act honestly and in good faith;
  • Ensure all information is being shared with clients is factual and not misrepresented;
  • Excise the care, due diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances;
  • Take all reasonable steps to protect confidential information.
As an aggregator and project developer Country Carbon shall not fail to:
  • Negotiate in good faith with the buyer or seller of a credit;
  • Present to the seller all documents in plain language.

Disclose to the seller:

  1. The pricing formula;
  2. All deadlines that are arbitrary and set by the member;
  3. The approved methodology the seller is using;
  4. All transaction costs, verification fees, management fees, and any other deductions;
  5. The timing of payments;
  6. Information the seller is required to track each year.