Country Carbon is one of Australia’s leading providers of carbon offsets from Australian farmers. We create Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) for the carbon market by acting as a carbon stock agent with landholders and agribusiness. These are sourced from farming and landholders networks from all over Australia in all states and territories.

We are primarily focused on the production of carbon offsets from Australia.

We act as an project developer of carbon offset projects and work directly with farmers to supply quality ‘Australian Made’ carbon offsets.

Under the ERF, we work with the full the range of methodologies approved by the Clean Energy Regulator. The choice of methodology is largely dependent on the nature of the landholder/agribusiness and what works best for generation of carbon credits.

Our clients work directly with us as their carbon agent to participate in the carbon market. Through this partnership we have an interest in maintaining the long-term commitment to reducing Australia’s C02 emissions in addition to diversifying farm incomes. In this way carbon farming is making a contribution to regional communities, whilst at the same time producing Kyoto compliant carbon offsets.