Country Carbon is currently registering soil carbon projects.

The primary methodology that will be used for soil carbon is in development with the government and the final review process. The government has invested significant resources into soil carbon and carbon sequestration measurement and the methodology is called the Sequestration of Carbon in Soil Using Modelled Abatement Estimates.

The draft methodology is for pasture that has been used for either cropping or grazing.

There are three types of soil carbon project that landholders can use for carbon farming

(a)  sustainable intensification project (nutriet management, managing soil acidity;

(b)  stubble retention project;

(c)  conversion to pasture project.


A map will be available to determine whether the land is with area defined as eligible for this methodology.

To be a sustainable intensification project, 2 of the following project management activities must be carried out as part of the project:

(a) nutrient management; (b) managing soil acidity; (c) introducing irrigation; (d) pasture renovation.

The area also needs to be deficient at the time in which the project is begun to meet the newness requirement of the Emissions Reduction Fund. Meaning that landholders are rewarded only for soil carbon built up from new activity not from past practice before the start of the project.