Do I qualify?

For regrowth this includes two key methods:

Avoided clearing of native regrowth

  1. The land must have been cleared at least twice in the past.
  2. It must have been used for grazing or cropping after each clearing event, before native forest regenerated.
  3. Must have forest cover*.

Native forest from managed regrowth

  1. Have you cleared the area at least once for pastoral use?
  2. Prior to the clearing, was there forest cover on the area?
  3. Have you changed your farm management practices to allow the regrowth of the native vegetation?
  4. The area has not yet reached forest cover*.

Carbon credits are earned from the regrowth of native vegetation on areas that can be cleared. The number of credits is determined by clearing history, regrowth extent and location.

* Forest cover must be over 2m tall and provide cover to more than 20% of the land.

Think you may qualify?

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