Biomass and biogas are forms of renewable energy that can greatly reduce the use on non-renewable fossil fuels. In addition, to producing renewable energy, bioenergy projects can also earn carbon credits by reducing greenhouse gases that would otherwise occur with fossil fuels. Carbon credits generated from bioenergy projects are able to be traded and generate additional income for business.

Eligible Activities

To be eligible to receive carbon credits, your project can do any activity that could reasonably be expected to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions including;

• Modifying existing equipment
• Changing the way your equipment is controlled

• Changing your energy sources
• Installing equipment that generates electricity.

Examples include:

Wood waste Biomass energy
Biogas Composed of methane landfill, bio-digesters and waste treatment

Energy crops Crops grown for energy production, eg., algae and grass

Commercial crop residues Sugarcane (bagasse), sorghum, wheat and vegetable oils such as sunflower and canola

Municipal waste Household garbage and green waste