Climate Change Poll: The Majority of Australians Think Climate Change is Happening and are Concerned About It

A recent national poll of Australians attitudes to climate change by Country Carbon has showed that the majority of Australians (93%) think climate change is happening.

Only 2% of Australians don’t think climate change is happening. A tiny minority of Australians are pure climate change deniers with the great majority accepting that the climate is changing. It is clear that there really is not any disagreement that the climate is changing. The majority Australians believe that humans are causing the climate to change (71%) and 22% accepting the change but believing it is due to natural fluctuations in the earth’s temperature.

The majority of Australians (80%) are also concerned about climate change based on the poll results. Nearly half of Australians (45%) are very concerned about climate change.

The nationally representative poll of n=536 adult Australians was conducted on the 26th of May to 1st June 2016.

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