Who is Country Carbon?

Country Carbon is an Australian owned private company founded in 2011 by Nicholas Cameron.  We are based in Albury in southern NSW on the River Murray. We are an accredited provider of carbon offsets from Australian landholders. We create Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) for the carbon market by acting as Project Developers.

The company is focused on supporting Australian agribusinesses to participate in the opportunities of the new carbon economy and as such, we work with the full the range of methodologies approved by the Clean Energy Regulator to generate carbon credit abatement. The choice of methodology is largely dependent on the nature of business and what works best for generation of carbon credits.

Country Carbon has 32 projects registered with the Clean Energy Regulator covering an area of over 8 million hectares.  We have a further 16 projects in various stages of development covering a further area of 5 million hectares. The methodologies that these projects cover include Savanna Burning, Avoided Deforestation, Soil in Grazing Systems, Managed Regrowth and BioEnergy. Country Carbon was a successful bidder in the second and most recent auction under the ERF in November last year, when it secured some $38 million worth of contracts to supply ACCUs to the ERF over the next 10 years.