Northern Australian cattle stations band together to offset carbon footprints

With over eight million hectares of land under management, Country Carbon Pty Ltd is helping Australian farmers and agribusiness to offset carbon footprints under the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund.

Country Carbon brought together 19 projects to participate at the second auction in November 2015, primarily located in the Cape York region. These projects have been contracted to deliver almost 3 million tonnes of carbon abatement by conducting controlled burning early in the dry season.

Currently, hot, late dry season fires across northern Australia produce around 3 percent of our national greenhouse gas emissions. By burning early in the dry season, these projects will not only reducing carbon emissions, but will also reduce the risk of more dangerous wild fires later in the dry season.

The Cape York industry is playing an important role in achieving carbon abatement in their region. Most of the Cape York pastoral industry is now participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund with over 30 projects in place across the region. There is an area of over six million hectares of northern Australian cattle stations currently participating. “In terms of scale, there is an area larger than Denmark that is currently engaged in fighting global warming in the North of Australia” said Nicholas Cameron, Managing Director of Country Carbon.

The income from these contracts is a significant income boost to North Queensland cattle farmers that are able to supplement their income from cattle with additional carbon farming income.

The Emissions Reduction Fund demonstrates that the new carbon economy can provide major economic benefits to Northern Australia.​